3 Boiler Maintenance And Repair Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Boilers are a vital part of the hot water systems installed in our houses. They provide us with hot water for different household applications. But like every other appliance and system in your house, boilers also need proper maintenance and occasional repairs.

Making mistakes in servicing and maintaining hot water systems can prove costly for you in the long run. That’s why you should avoid the below mentioned mistakes when maintaining and repairing your boiler.

Skipping Yearly Checks

Every boiler must be checked at least once every year. This inspection can help the plumber detect any signs of rusting and leaks. Also, any upcoming calamity can be mitigated by detecting it early on and correcting it before it becomes a headache.

While boilers are often less likely to completely fail, they do become less energy efficient over time due to the accumulation of combustion materials or rusting. So, yearly inspections can help you find any growing problems in your boiler, and can help in keeping its energy efficiency up.

Not Detecting And Closing Air Leaks

No matter how energy efficient your hot water system might be, it can can still lose up to 35 percent of its energy efficiency if leaks aren’t repaired in time. Leaks in your plying system can be the cause of low water pressure in taps and shower in particular. So, hire and expert, and get the leaks inspected and repaired well within time before this becomes a major issue. Because then, it’ll require you to spend a lot more money to repair.

Not Inspecting The Water Pipes

Even if your boiler is doing alright, you should still get all the water pipes in your building checked for any leaks. Old pipes can get corroded, and this can lead to major water leaks in your building. So, get the pipes checked as well.