Avoid These Things When Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Although rugs look great in your house and add to its beauty, it is a headache to keep them clean no matter how hard you try. Moreover, in addition to being very hard to clean, carpets and rugs are very costly as well. Some might even cost you thousands of dollars.

Since they are counted as luxurious items, your carpets and rugs must also be treated in the right way as well. This means you should hire a professional whenever you need to get them cleaned properly.

Here are a few red flags you should detect whenever you try to hire the best carpet cleaning company for the job.

Zero Insurance

Right after you get a free quote from a carpet cleaner, ask them if they have insurance for their equipment and employees. If the proof of insurance is not present, or is fake, you should never hire this carpet cleaning company.

Making the insurance point sure is more important than you might think. That is because if a carpet cleaning company is properly insured, any damage they cause to your carpets is easily covered by their insurance provider. On the other hand, if you do not check for the presence of insurance when signing a contract with your carpet cleaner, the damages won’t be covered by them, and you will be held liable.

No Customer Service

Customer service and after sales and service are amongst the best qualities of any good carpet cleaner. Whenever you are looking for the right service provider, call their customer service at a random time and ask a few questions to see how friendly and well-informed they are.

You should never hire a carpet cleaner who does not have any customer service whatsoever.