Benefits of Flipper Knives

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Flipper knives are specially made knives which open the blade themselves once you trigger it by partially opening it. These knives have thumb bottoms or flippers attached to them which help you in opening the knife. However, you shouldn’t confuse flipper knives with switchblade knives as these two might look like the same thing to you.

Switchblade knives open with just a press of a button, but in the other hand, flipper knives must be triggered with the help of your hand, and then a button can be pressed to fully open the blade.

You can reap lots of benefits by investing in a flipper knife which opens with the help of a spring. Here are some of its benefits. You can also check out Knife Guides for more details about the best flipper knife.

Benefits of Flipper Knives

If you want to buy a switchblade knife, keep in mind that these knives are illegal in the US and many other countries. That’s primarily because switchblade knives lack a safety mechanism if the butting is pressed accidentally. So, carrying these knives can cause you serious trouble.

On the other hand, spring assisted flipper knives are much safer as they don’t open by only pressing the button.

So, having a flipper knife will keep you safe from accidentally opening the knife.

Also, switchblade knives, when their spring mechanism breaks, become useless as they don’t open without the mechanism.

On the other hand, a flipper knife will still open even if the spring mechanism fails to work.

Moreover, with practice, your opening speed will surely match to that of a switchblade knife. Flipper knives are also more reliable as compared to switchblade knives. These knives are very sturdy, and are very hard to break.

When it comes to the price, these knives are less expensive than switchblade knives, but are costlier as compared to manual knives.