Another Good Guy With A Gun…

It's sad when kids lives are cut short because they decided to commit a crime and picked the wrong house to do so. Good on this homeowner for exercising his right to self defense and protecting his home. We like to see the good guys come out on top. "But this homeowner was armed, too. [...]

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Good Guy With A Gun Stops Bad Guy…

Here we have a great example of why we carry. Sometimes it's to protect yourself, and sometimes it's to protect others. In this case a man with his Texas CHL saw a woman being beaten by a man so he pulled over, drew his firearm and stopped the attack. "This is the dramatic moment a motorist [...]

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Bumper to Bumper: Ar-15 Building

BUMPER to BUMPER: Anything Can Go Wrong With Any Part of Your AR-15 As a builder/armorer of AR-15s, there is one truth that one must acknowledge: a string of builds will almost never go smoothly.  Pretty much every part of an AR-15 is susceptible to issues and you won’t become an AR aficionado until you’ve [...]

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Light of My Life

Flashlights: An Indispensable Part of Your EDC Kit Everyone builds their Every Day Carry kit by balancing needs with wants with their ability to carry certain items easily without weighing them down.  Naturally, some carry more than others. There are an abundance of “essentials” out there.  If you carried them all, you wouldn’t look like [...]

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SURVIVAL SERIES Pt 4: FIRE- Tinder, Kindling, and Fuel Wood

FIRE Part 2: Got Wood In the previous article, we discussed various methods for starting a fire. In this article, I will cover proper preparing, starting and sustaining a fire, as well as information on the basic application of specific types of fires. Not all fires are the same. Different preparation and fuels are needed [...]

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