SURVIVAL SERIES Pt 2: Purifying Water

PURIFYING WATER: “Is This Water Safe to Drink?” That question has led to disaster for many people who were caught unprepared. Knowing how to acquire water is one thing, but what do you do to make it safe to drink? In this article, we’re going to cover some of my preferred methods for making water [...]

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Finding Water Water: The essential requirement for all life. It seems simple enough for any survivalist to keep water high on their list of priorities. While it may seem obvious to pack plenty of water or keep water stockpiled during a survival/SHTF/WROL situation, what happens if you’re stuck away from home and social services collapse? [...]

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Zombies, the Prepper and the End of the World

ZOMBIES!  *Face Palm* Most of us are sick of hearing it.  Zombie this, zombie that.  A few gun industry folks were late to the game too, thinking they could capitalize on the “craze” and brand zombie green items accordingly.  And while there are legions of zombie-lovers out there who still cling to draugr lore and [...]

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Don’t Walk Out On Me

PINS WALKING: Trigger pins and hammer pins (which are essentially the same part used twice) sometimes drift out of place.  Given that these two simple grooved pins hold both your trigger and hammer in place, it is important to know exactly what jobs they perform and how they do it.  It wouldn’t be a problem [...]

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Take your Patriot’s Oath

Over nearly two and a half centuries we’ve seen fundamental changes in the way our society lives.  The role of the constable, the powers of the federal government, the American soldier, and even the gun are viewed differently now than they were when these United States were founded.  What’s more, citizens have changed.  Americans have changed. […]

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Two Apertures Are Better Than One

CO-WITNESS For some of you it seems like it should be obvious and self-explanatory and for others the idea of ‘Co-Witnessing’ is a little bit abstract.  The usefulness of co-witness is not complicated; it’s simply a matter of circumstance.  If at some point you find yourself using it, it is because you are in need [...]

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What Drives Your Gun?

SIZE MATTERS: GAS SYSTEM LENGTHS AND TYPES In every typical automobile engine, you have a complex array of parts that all interact to produce power.  The engine may be seemingly powered by gasoline, but there is also electricity, and a fair amount of air.  The gasoline and electricity essentially act to create rapidly expanding air [...]

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To Build or Not to Build, That is the Question…

Can I Build A Better Gun Than I Can Buy? “My brother bought me a lower receiver and I want to build up my AR.” “I got this lower on sale for a steal and it’s just itching to be built.” “I have this old lower from an old gun and I want to shoot [...]

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Line of Sight: All About Optics

Optics: Choose, I Dare You “B.R., I’ve got my rifle but I want to graduate from my iron sights and move up to an optic.  What do you recommend?” “Well, what kind of an optic are you looking for?” “Goodness, if I knew what I was looking for I wouldn’t be asking.  I’m new to [...]

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