Designing An Effective Business Card

why metal credit cards

Whether you’re a business card designer, or are looking to design your own business card for business purposes, this article can be very helpful for you.

Choosing the right business card colors, design, size, and material is very important if you’re serious about your business card campaign. Here are some of the best tips you can follow to make an effective business card.

Choose An Orientation

Size and orientation of any business card are one of the most important things to consider in the initial process. You can choose from landscape, portrait, and square or special cuts depending on your personal preferences and business needs.

Usually most of the businesses use the landscape format for their business cards. Landscape orientation is usually easy to read. However, this orientation is a bit too common.

Portrait and special cut cards often look more elegant and unique. So, you can consider them as well if your business needs allow.

Choose A Reliable Material

Paper, plastic and metal are three if the most commonly used materials to make business cards. There surely are countless other options, but these three are the most commonly available, and affordable options.

Out of these three, Metal Kards looks like and best option you can go for. These cards surely stand out in any stack of cards, and last the longest.

Decorations, Fonts, And Colors

When it comes to decorating your business card, you should take only as much liberty as your business type allows. Also, the decorations should go in line with your niche.

When deciding on a font, choose the one which contrasts well with the card’s background color, and is clearly readable even from some distance. Easily readable cards can easily attract anyone going through a stack of cards.

These were some of the vitals you should cover before starting the process of making your own business card.