Gardening: The New Banana Bread

types of gardening

The entire world went into lockdown over a year ago after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus situation to pandemic status. When forced to quarantine in our homes, we ended up trying to find new hobbies and ways to pass the time. People started doing online hangouts and happy hours, some people got into fitness, and the most common hobby that everyone picked up was baking. Baking became so popular that various stores started running short on baking tools and supplies for weeks because everyone wanted to make banana bread. Now that a lot of us are bored of baking now, we are looking for new hobbies, and this is as good a time as any to start gardening. You can visit Sublime Gardens for both inspiration and information.

Gardening is a great hobby because it gives you a chance to go out and get some fresh air. There isn’t anything wrong with being indoors all the time, but there is a lot of scientific literature that points out the benefits of being outdoors and around greenery. If you have a small patch of the area you want to use as a garden, then you will need to put in some work and do a bit of reading.

Gardening can be really easy, but understanding the process and doing the initial work of getting your soil ready for plants will take both time and effort on your end. At the same time, gardening can be incredibly rewarding as a hobby because once you start getting a hang of it, you can start growing small yields of fruits, vegetables, or herbs that you might fancy. This gives you food incentive, and the sense of accomplishment you feel watching your plants grow and thrive because of your hard work is unmatched.