How Do You Make a Good Cheap Espresso?

nespresso machine

The world changed forever when people first discovered how to make espresso. Before espresso was invented, suffice it to say that most of the world had to make do with coffee that was either too watery, too bitter or just plain bland, and the only thing that made these coffees worth drinking was that they contained at least a small amount of caffeine. The only place where you could get actually good coffee was Turkey, but in the modern era Turkish coffee has been supplanted by espressos firstly because they are easier to make and secondly because they taste even better than the previous holder of the top spot in the coffee world.

You might need to buy the best semi automatic espresso machine out there if you want to start making these drinks without any further ado, but what if you can’t afford to buy machines of this nature? Does that mean that you would never get the chance to make an espresso and see why they have become the drink of choice among all of the major coffee drinkers on the planet? The answer is no, you won’t be limited by your inability to buy an expensive espresso maker because of the fact that there are several brewing methods that don’t require you to use machines at all.

If you want to make a cheap espresso in a pinch, you should consider using an aeropress. This is a new kind of device that allows you to generate espresso levels of pressure by hand thanks to the mechanisms contained within it. While aeropress espresso is not quite as good as machine brewed espresso, it would still get the job done.