How Long Do Floaters Last After Laser Treatment?

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Chances are that you have noticed little strings or dots floating in your range of vision that you can’t seem to find the source of. These things are called floaters, and they are basically various forms of debris that have entered the vitreous fluid in your eye that keeps your ocular lens suspended inside of it. Floaters are usually not all that big of a deal because of the fact that your brain learns to cancel them out, so while they are there in most people’s eyes suffice it to say that the vast majority of them would not face problems as a byproduct of their existence.

However, things will get different for people that reach an age after which they would be referred to as senior citizens due to the reason that the vitreous will begin to loosen up thereby making the floaters bounce around more vigorously which can also cause them to clump together and becoming harder to look past. Anyone that has been frustrated by floaters should check this procedure out called laser floater removal since it can eliminate them after some time.

Don’t worry if your floaters are still there after the procedure is over and done with. It takes a few weeks for them to disappear entirely, but the great thing is that they can make a pretty noticeable difference to your eyesight once they are gone. You will notice improved vision in a couple of days, and after two months your vision will be entirely clear. The floaters usually don’t come back except for one or two strays that might have survived, so this is a procedure that lasts for life.