Interesting Facts About GPS Jammers

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Companies owning commercial fleets of vehicles and many other related areas have seen a surge in the integration of technology in their systems. Solutions like GPS implementation has helped lots of companies in streamlining their business operations, improve the safety of their drivers, and adhere to the rules set by law enforcement agencies.

But devices like GPS jammers are often used to block the incoming and outgoing signals from a GPS tracker. This can interfere with the business operations of fleet owners by concealing the location of their drivers.

Although there are various legal use cases for GPS jammers and you can even get a small GPS jammer cigarette lighter to keep with you, their illegal use can cause lots of issues both for individuals and business.

What Do These Jammers Look Like?

GPS jammers are currently being make be a countless number of manufacturers around the globe, and that’s why they can vary greatly in shape and size. They are usually made cleverly to conceal them within a vehicle to make them harder to spot. Usually, they are so small that they can be used in place of your cigarette lighter to block any signals from the GPS tracker installed in your vehicles cockpit.

Are They Illegal?

GPS jammers are illegal across the board in the US and Canada, and partially banned on Europe with rest of the countries in the world lacking proper laws about them. Their production, marketing and sale in the US is strictly regulated, and the device can be confiscated from anyone’s possession with heavy fines and even jail time as a penalty. But you can still easily order a GPS jammer online for even less than $50 in most cases. That is because people use them on their personal properties for specific legal uses as well.