Permanent Property Ownership

Most adults are choosing to live in apartments in the city since it is closer to their work and everything else they might need, so they choose convenience over the luxury that comes with being a homeowner in the suburbs. There isn’t anything wrong with not wanting a house, however, there is a problem when people who can afford permanent property continue to live in temporary living schemes like renting apartments. If you happen to be an adult that can afford to become a permanent property owner but are still a temporary property owner, we strongly urge that you reconsider this decision, and look up permanent properties like R&B Home Sales.

  • The most well-known way to become a permanent property owner is to buy a house. By buying a house you have invested in the real estate market and you now have a permanent roof on your head. You will of course have to pay monthly mortgage payments, and depending on your income, the monthly mortgage amount, and the price of your home, it can take years to pay it all off, so this can get expensive, but at the end of the day your money is going into something tangible that will be yours for the rest of your life (or whenever you choose to resell the house).
  • The second lesser-known way of becoming a permanent property owner is to buy a condo. A condo is considered to be the perfect compromise between an apartment and a house, and at the same time, it is not as expensive as buying a house, so if you are looking to become a permanent property owner without having to completely break your bank for the next 10+ years, you can look into buying a condo. They are cheaper, smaller, and closer to the city as well, making them a convenient choice.