Noveske Ambi Safety Selector


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Noveske STS 60 Degree Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15

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Noveske STS 60 Degree Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15

The Noveske STS is an ambidextrous safety selector for your AR-15 that has a shorter 60 degree range between Safe and Fire; this is 30 degrees shorter than the standard safety selector. The Short Throw Selector (STS) is constructed with a stainless steel nitride selector drum and molded levers from MagPul Industries. The ambidextrous STS include 1 short lever and 1 long lever, which can be used on either side of the receiver. Installation of this selector requires a very small Jewelers flat blade screw driver (not included). This STS 60 degree safety is a drop in part, and will work with any Mil-Spec lower receiver.

Technical Information:
Polymer and Stainless Steel Construction
Ambidextrous Design
1 Short Lever
1 Long Lever
Locking Screws

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .5 in


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