Separating Leaves After Tree Trimming

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The trimmings that come from your tree are going to be rather unique, and there is a pretty good chance that you can get some great fertilizer out of these trimmings if you sort the leaves out. This is because of the fact that the leaves have a lot of nutrients in them, and if you let these nutrients dissolve into the soil this might just result in the soil becoming capable of hosting a lot more life which his really great if you are the sort of person that enjoys lots of greenery in their vicinity.

You do need to sort the leaves out first though, since the trimmings are also going to have a lot of sticks and twigs in them as well which are not going to be useful at all and might just damage the soil that your tree is located in. The fact of the matter is that the trimmings that come after tree trimming services Folsom do their thing are only going to have about 20% worth of leaves, so you need to sift these out if you want any chance of being able to use them in the way that we have mentioned above.

This process might seem a bit tiresome to you, but if you get your family involved it can actually become a really enjoyable way for all of you to spend some time with one another. You can turn it into a bit of a family project, one that would improve all of your children’s lives as well. Using natural fertilizer is something that not a lot of people do and this really needs to start changing as the planet is starting to heat up.