Things You Must Do in San Marcos


San Marcos has a rich history and lots of places to visit for anyone who might be planning to visit the area. San Marcos attracts lots of tourists from around the globe every year. People love to explore the area and what it has to offer.

However, since there are lots of places to visit in San Marcos, in is easy to get stuck when finding perfect places to visit San Marcos. So, we’ve compiled a list of some places you must visit. These places will help you explore the history of San Marcos.

Historic Districts

There is a total of 3 historic districts in San Marcos, and another 37 individual locations you can visit. You can even live in the historical residential areas.

So, you should definitely visit the historic districts located in San Marcos to learn about the area’s history in an easy way. You’ll find many other tourists there as well, as this is quite popular amongst the tourists visiting the area.

The River

River is the reason why this area was named San Marcos. You can enjoy the river in glass-bottom boats and kayaks. Or go bird-watching while walking by the river. Many tourists do this when visiting San Marcos. So, don’t miss out on visiting the river in this beautiful town, as you can have some quality time with your family.

However, some visitors say that you should avoid visiting the Aquarena Springs on Spring Lake. This area once biased beautifully grown and managed flowers which tourists loved to watch. However, due to the mismanagement of this attraction after its purchase by the Texas State University has completely ruined it. Aquatic plants aren’t worth watching in glass-bottom boats. So, avoid wasting your money on things like these, and see some actually beautiful places that the town has to offer.