What’s The Best Time For Pressure Washing?

pressure washing guide chart

Whenever people are discussing the best time to get pressure washing done, they are usually basing their judgments on things like ambient temperature and the like. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that cold weather can turn pressure cleaning into an unnecessarily complicated endeavor since the water in the rig might freeze before you get the chance to expel it from your hose in some way, shape or form. However, it is also essential to look at the question of ideal power washing timing from a different angle by recognizing its important when it comes to allergen reduction.

Suffice it to say that house washing near me becomes a great deal more crucial in situations where there are a lot of allergens present in your surroundings. The spring season brings with it countless flowers that start to bloom and give off pollen, and this pollen is among the most egregious allergens that humanity is currently struggling to live with. That means that spring is the best time for pressure washing, not just because it is warm enough to make the process easier but also because pollen accumulation can make your sneezing fits a lot worse than they need to be.

There is nothing wrong with washing your home with pressure during the later summer months, it’s just that you will have deprived yourself of the allergen reduction benefits that it could have potentially sent in your general direction. Spring time can be a wonderful period of enjoyment in the pleasant weather, but you would ideally want your home to be allergen free and pressure washing helps with that.